Everyday is
a payday.

PesaChoice Loans bridge the gap between the salary payout and unexpected expenses for people with limited access to savings or institutional credit.

PesaChoice loans benefits


Low interest rate

Only a 3% monthly fee with no hidden fees or cost


Fast and automated

Get your salary advance within minutes with no paperwork required


Low risk loans

We get the money back when your employer pays you

How PesaChoice loans work

Quick and Simple. Create an account within seconds


Login to the PesaChoice mobile app

Enter your email and password to see your loan limit


See your loan limit

See your maximum amount your are allowed to request,depending on the engine score


Request for a loan

Press the request amount button, and enter the amount you need


Funds are deposited within minutes

Funds will be deposited to your configured account, and you will access it within a short period of time

Frequently asked Questions

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