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PesaChoice, Our Story!

PesaChoice was born out of the need to create our own solutions.We have African challenges; that need to be solved; through African solutions.This thinking stems not from the thought that others cannot fix these issues. But because we understand these problems and face them ourselves. We, as a company, felt better positioned to offer sustainable answers to these challenges. We believe that if you are navigating these obstacles, you should at least be able to resolve them.

It is through this train of thought that we started the company. PesaChoice offered digital solutions because Davis Nteziryayo was a tech veteran, therefore. It was an intuitive decision. The company sought the answer to this question: How do we effectively help ourselves as Africans and impact people positively while doing so?The current vision of PesaChoice responds to a need we identified under the guise of that question.

Quickly, the team realized there was a gap in access to finance across Rwanda and the continent as a whole.

According to BNR, only 36% (2.6 million individuals) of the population in Rwanda have bank accounts. Leaving the rest of the population; in Rwanda to use other means such as mobile money. Furthermore, Rwanda has a large pool of employed people for whom it is hard to verify employment, making it very hard for them to access traditional loans. The PesaChoice team figured there was some information about them because they paid medical bills, school fees, etc. The team figured it couldbuild a consumer profile through this information andextend access to finance to this group of people. That was the initial vision.

However, the team quickly encountered a major roadblock. It was virtually impossible to gather such information since many employers, rightfully so, were wary of giving out such information about their employees.

Back to the drawing board

The team identified the basic information needed to build a reliable consumer profile to lend money. Through the list they created. They figured there was another opportunity they had yet explored that could help them gain access to the information needed to offer financial access to those who need it,an HR system solution.

People are at the core of what PesaChoice is. The team believes there are people, products, and revenues and constantly seeks a way to reconcile all these components. The reason is that we have an extremely young population in Africa and brilliant young minds in need of direction. Davis sought to build a high-performing team by focusing on young talent and building them upPesaChoice started with 13 young engineers. They were interns and worked alongside Davis; in building the products PesaChoice boasts today. The ultimate goal was to introduce the knowledge that Davis had acquired in the United States through showing and giving practical work to demonstrate to these young people that they were more than capable of doing the work.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses.

The PesaChoice story is a story of resilience, ingenuity, and perseverance. When the team headed back to the drawing board in 2019, it was tough; down to a group of just three, they buckled down and built the system.

MIDAS HR Software

The PesaChoice team quickly got to work and built the system that would help them in their quest to solve low liquidity in Rwanda and the continent.Without knowing it, they were now also addressing a pressing issue within the growing African business ecosystem. Many SMEs and corporations across Rwanda and Africa lacked an affordable HR system that could help optimize many of their day-to-day operations, helping them save money and time and solve several issues regarding compliance and overall team management.

Davis Nteziryayo
Founder & CEO

The MIDAS HR Software system was built with the idea that we wanted an HR system that easily deployed in the initial markets we wanted to target. Those least served by traditional HR systems and in need of financial access. - CEO Davis Nteziryayo .

A few months later, the team processed the first payroll.

Fast forward.

Through its resilience, a year and a half later, PesaChoice has added talent to the team and established market validation by acquiring paying users. Participated in the first Norrsken Impact Accelerator and closed a successful pre-seed round.

The team; is not only able to do what they sought out in the first place, which is offering financial access to employees through PesaChoice Loans. They can also help employers through competitive HR solutions. MIDAS HR Software.

The future ?

57% of Africans currently are unbanked, according to the digital banking in Sub-Saharan Africa report by BPC. PesaChoice believes in continuous growth. With a presence in three countries so far and a clear path towards expanding to more markets. The PesaChoice story has just begun

 Davis Nteziryayo

Davis Nteziryayo

Chief Executive Officer

 Sarah Oon

Sarah Oon

Chief Financial Officer

 Luc Bugingo

Luc Bugingo

Head Of Engineering

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